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What Is IconDropper?

IconDropper is a software program that allows you to customize your Mac's icons on-the-fly through the use of Drag-n-Drop technology. Instead of having to copy and paste custom icons from many different locations on your hard drive, IconDropper stores all icons in custom designed sets called "packs". A single click is required to update any folder's icon and see the results in real time.

Why Use IconDropper?

Set custom icons with a single click
Packed icons save valuable hard drive space
Eliminates wasted time of "copy & paste"
Ensures backwards compatiblity in Mac OS 8.5
Organizes icons in lists similar to the Finder
Integrated in the Finder using Contextual Menus
"Quick Link" access to icon author's web sites
Contains a host of additional icon tools
Listen to what others have to say!

Forget cutting and pasting! Changing the icons on your Mac's desktop has never been easier. Through the use of Mac OS 8.5 and IconDropper's contextual menus, custom icons are just a single click away.

Simply Control-click on a folder or file you wish to set an icon for. If you have the Contextual Menu extension loaded on your Macintosh, you'll see a menu like this appear. Select the "Change icon..." option to invoke IconDropper and bring up your custom list of icon packs. Browse the list of packs and select the icon you want to apply. The icon will instantly be set out in the finder and you can quit IconDropper to return to the desktop. Its that easy!

The Workshop
homepage of IconDropper

order online

IconDropper (v 3.2.1)
For PPC Macs (1689 Kb) - Download

For 68K & PPC (2338 Kb) - Download

IconExpander (expand ID packs)
For 68K & PPC (216 Kb) - Download

IconLocker (lock ID packs)
For 68K & PPC (172 Kb) - Download

Blank ID Packs (template packs)
For 68K & PPC (45 Kb) - Download

Register IconDropper - Order
A single user IconDropper registration costs $20. Full access to all 5 applications (IconDropper, IconPacker, IconLocker, IconDragger & IconExpander), access to packs prior to their public release, and a copy of the IconFactory newsletter to keep up on the latest developments. Support our efforts and register your software today!

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