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Macintosh Icon Web Sites | Top

Blue Sky Heart Graphics - Home to masterful icons
Arnaud Boutle Icons - Pixelpalooza winning site
Bri Gibson's Paurian Cafe - Pixelpalooza icon site
Calle's Icons - Includes Runes icons and auto icons
John Caserta Icons - G3 & iMac icons, plus more
Chemicons - Strange but cool icon sets
The Kid's Domain - Kid's icons for both WIN & Mac
Dude's Page - "Monsters" project icons. Cool!
Ed's House of Icons - Peanuts, Foxtrot & more
El Mago - Web site for icons - in Spanish!
EtherBrian - The latest from the pixel master - IK
Etherknot - Fun, minature icons for everyone
Evil Peacock's Icon Extravaganza - Icon index site
Get An Icon - Mac Futurama icons , SW:TFM & more
Hackiz - Pixelpalooza iconist offering quality icons
HomeArt - An IF like motif marks this new icon site
IconAmazons - Support female iconists, check it out
Icon Cow - Promising site from down under
Icon Depot - Simpsons and The X-Files.
Icon Digest - Various topics and subjects
Iconengine - Awesome icons of hip-hop artists
Iconhouse - Folders, objects & creatures
Iconia - Home to some unique, cool iMac icons
Iconix - Solid icons covering many subjects
Iconmoon - Register for a star in the icon cosmos
Icon Museo - Topics including Japanese history
Icon Shop - Various icon set subject matter
Icon Town - Build an icon house of your own
Icon Whatever Warehouse - Hitch. Guide & more
Icon World - Tekken 3 icons - Super cool fonts & icons
IliCon Icons - Zodiac icons
Kitchen Sink Designs - Myth, Gen13 icons
MacBox Project - Nice set of Copland System icons
MadScientist Lab - Excellent icons in a nice site
Marmalade Moon Icons - Snowflake icons
Mikworks - Stylized icons
Neato - Pixelpalooza icons, KAL schemes & more
NoBeige's GUI - Mac icons, cursors & links
Paul Harmon Icons - Based on Paul's artwork
Petit-Pitou's World - Zany Mac icons
Poison's Icons - Pixelpalooza - Native American
Pongk's Icons - Babylon 5 icons
PseudoRoom - Formerly Justin Dauer's icons
Ra's Page - Lots of style and unusual Mac icons
Raul's GUI Goodies - Folder icons & more
Rotten Icons - Andy Capp, Talk show hosts & more
Ryan's Icons - Nintendo games & characters
South Park Icons - One of the original SP sites
Sara's IconParade - Tons of Mac & PC icons
Susan Kare - Creator of the Mac's original icons
Tim's Icons -Tons of superhero icons
ToasterHead Icons -Anime and art based icons
Viva Icons - Beavis & Butthead & more

Macintosh Shareware Sites | Top

ChezMark's MacPicks - Great stuff every week
Color Picker Pro - Utility for web designers
Dubl-Click Software - The Iconmania utility
Drop Icon 2.0 - Add thumbnail icons to your files
Dumpster 3.4 - Customize your Mac's trash can!
Furbo-Filters - Cool filters for Adobe Photoshop!
GUI Central - Software to customize your Mac
Icon Machine - Impressive new Mac icon editor
Kaleidoscope - The ultimate Macintosh customizer
Mac OS Zone - The latest in cool Mac Shareware!
Mscape Software - Home of an 8.5 icon editor
Pict-2-Icons - Converts images into icon mosaics
Stuffit Expander - Expand our icon archives
System 8Tuner - Customize every Mac icon

Macintosh Interface Sites | Top

A+ Art - Freeware buttons, graphics & more
Allegro Themes Project - Get the latest themes
Appearance - Artistic desktop pict. - eng./french
Apple Logos - Apple badgs, icons and more
The "Box" - Start-up screens and so much more
Cyberdine Online - 3D artwork and more
The Daily iMac - Latest info on cool stuff
Digital Manipulation - Unique desktop pictures
Dinc Type - Interesting typefaces for your Mac
Desktop Depot - Index site for Mac customization
Desktop Pictures - Panoramic desktop landscapes
The DeskStop - The best 3D desktop textures
EBOLA Stickers - For the outside of your Mac
Electrozine - Patterns, fonts & icons
Fonthead Design - A storehouse for killer fonts
Fontosaurus Text - Cool fonts, Sherlock plug-ins
Free Stuff Center - Portal for free stuff
Free World - Access to dozens of websites
Head-Space Project - Mac desktop patterns
Hiroko's Room - Icons, KAL schemes and patterns
iBelieve - Download Mac badges for the cause
Icon Asylum - Web based clip art
Inki's Clipart - Strong, graphic clipart for your Mac
Kaysha's Plaza - Nice themes, KAL, icons and more
Improve Internet Explorer - Support the effort
Macintosh OS - Extensive shareware site
Mac Community - Shareware & interface news
Mac Mania - Mac news & customization info
MacMarines - Fight back for the Mac!
Macniac's Desktop - Picts, patts and more
MacOSZone - KAL schemes, icons, & patterns
MacPlaza - Tons of desktops, KAL & news
MacReview - Great software & shareware reviews
MacUpdate - Download the latest add-ons
MacUtopia - Software, reviews & articles
One-button Mouse - Icons, desktop picts & more
ResExcellence - Manipulate Mac OS 8
Robot Frog - Stylish site with icons & so much more
Star Trek & Star Wars Desktop Pictures
Start Up Screens - Unique startup screens
Stu's Font Diner - A strong site for Mac fonts
The ULTIMATE Macintosh - The title says it all
waferbaby - Contextual M. plug-ins & fun animations
Web Standards - Making the web a better place
Xoom - Everything you need to build a web site

Windows™ Icon Sites | Top

Copland Icons - Very high quality WIN icons
Denim Monkey Icons - Original & IF Windows icons
Digital Garage - Very cool icons, cursors & more
Dot Studio - WIN icons mac users can be jealous of
Graph X Kingdom - WIN clip art & icons
IconArcade - PC Translations of Iconfactory icons
Icon Customizer - Custom icons in Win 95 & NT
IconShop - Converts Mac icons & I.D. packs to PC
Scrow's Icons - Solid icons for the Wintel crowd

copyright©1999 The Iconfactory, all rights reserved

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Link of the Week (6. 14.99)
Perfect Yosemite - John Marstall has struck icon gold with his pixelated creations. His latest construct is "New Metaphor", a unique take on an old concept - system icons. If you're running OS 8.5, these icons will blow you away. Check it out today.

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