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Original Icon Creations

NanoPets - Digital pixelated pets
SketchCons™ - Stylized, multi-purpose "istrations"
Echelon 8.5 - Complete Echelon system replacement
Final Yosemite - Additional Yosemite system folders
Spring Fling - Light, springtime folders
St. Patty's Kidcons - Shamrocks, leprachauns & more
NanoGrams - Pixelated descriptions of cryptic glyphs
Expo '99 - The iMac, G3 Tower & HAL 9000
Yosemite Folders 2.0 - General Yosemite folders
Ninja Girl - She's stealthy, beautiful & deadly!
Total Web Elements - All purpose web page icons
Red Tab System - Simple system replacement
Haunted Castle - Halloween '98 at the Iconfactory
Red Box Folders - Geometric, system replacements
What if... iMac iCons - Before there were iMac flavors
iMacOS - System replacement for the iMac
autoCons™ Vol.1 - Front/back views of cool cars
Iconfactory's Top 12
Paranormals - Bigfoot, crop circles, aliens & UFO's
The Folder Collection - Copland folders with attitude
Wave OS - Clean & cool system replacement
Echelon - Original version system replacement
Mountaineering Gear - Copland tents, ropes & more
SpaceCon OS - Sci-fi, Kidcon system replacement
Solar Patrol - A tale of adventure in outer space!
Nanotech Assemblers - Microscopic Copland robots
Microserfs Blox - Copland, LEGO'sque blocks
Robot Boys & Mecha Girls - Anime style young heros
Computer World - Copland icons of the group
Circus Parade - Copland styled circus comes to town
Apple Desktop Collection - Apple's desktop hardware
Space - The planets, comets & spacecraft of NASA
More Kidcons™ - Additional general Kidcons
Kidcons - Holidays - Christmas, Haunakkah & more
Kidcons OS - Kidcon system replacement
Kidcons - The original Kidcon collection
World of Copland: 4 - Translucent stuff plus more
World of Copland: 3 - Apple commericals & more
World of Copland: 2 - Copland everyday objects
World of Copland: 1 - Copland hardware & objects
Apple Portables - Apple's portable hardware
Total Eclipse - Dark gray Copland folder collection
Halloween Icons - Halloween '96 at the Iconfactory

Licensed Icon Creations

Palace of St. Nikolas™ ©1999 Dave Brasgalla
Myth: The Fallen Lords ©1999 Bungie Software
Mindforge Fractions ©1999 Mindforge, Inc.
PsiMac and Psion Icons ©1999 Atelier
Wallace & Gromit ©1999 Aardman Ani. Studios

Miscellaneous Icon Creations

Star Wars: TPM ©1999 Lucasfilm, Ltd.
Austin Powers ©1999 New Line Cinema
Labyrinth ©1986 Jim Henson Productions
Ninja Team Gatchaman ©1999 Tatsunoko Prod.
Babylon 5: Aliens ©1999 Time Warner Ent.
Bubblegum Crisis 2.0 ©1996-99 AIC - Youmex
Ghost In The Shell ©1999 Masamune Shirow
Arrakis Dune ©1999 Frank Herbert
Babylon 5: Earth ©1999 Time Warner Ent.
Sci-Fi Objects Objects © their respective holders
New Beetle ©1999 Volkswagen
Tales of Known Space ©1966 Larry Niven
Tales of Known Space 2 ©1966 Larry Niven
eWorld ©1998 Apple Computer
Literary 007 ©1999 Ian Flemming
M.A.S.K. ©1985 DIC & ICC Television
South Park ©1999 Comedy Central
Giant Robo ©1999 Hikari Productions
Action Pack ©1999 MCA Universal TV
Ultraman ©1999 Tsuburaya Productions
Masked Rider ©1999 Saban Ent.
Danger Mouse ©1982 Cosgrove Hall Prod. UK.
Toy Factory ©1999 Nintendo, Atari, & Sega
Charlie Brown X-Mas ©1999 United F. Syndicate
Great Pumpkin ©1999 United F. Syndicate
Looney Tunes ©1999 W.B. Studios
Star Trek Objects ©1999 Paramount Pictures
Starships ©1999 Paramount Pictures
Star Wars Vol.2 ©1999 Lucas Film, Ltd.
Star Wars Vol.1 ©1999 Lucas Film, Ltd.

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