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The Iconfactory was officially created in April of 1996 to be a one-stop spot for Macintosh users to download well designed, fun icons free of charge. During the past four years, the Iconfactory has risen to become one of the most popular and well recongized Mac interface enhancement web sites on the Internet.

Why Advertise With Us?

The IF serves over 170,000 page views a month
A highly loyal, mac specific, target audience
Highest quality user experience & content
Flexible ad structures to help meet your needs
Extremely competitive ad rates
Member of the MacAddict Network of sites
Featured in WIRED Magazine & across the web
Served on InfoBand with T3 connections

The Iconfactory has been a partner in the MacAddict Network of web sites since its inception early 1997, and consistently draws thousands of Mac users looking for quality content as well as goods & services. In addition, we regularly send out press releases that are featured on such Mac news sites as MacCentral, MacNN & the Mac Resource Page.

Advertising Structure

There are two basic ways of advertising your product or service at the Iconfactory:

Static/animated graphic ad banners
Sponsorship of individual icon "collections"

Graphic ad banners are displayed on the Iconfactory homepage as well as the search results page in web standard blocks. Ad blocks are 120 pixels wide by X number of pixels high. Ads in this format may be either static or animated, but cannot exceed 10k in file size.

The second kind of advertising, sponsoring an individual collection has unique benefits that graphic banners cannot compare to. With this type of advertising, a short text blurb, internet bookmark and company icon are placed in the root directory of a future Iconfactory "originals" icon collection. When the sets are downloaded and opened by users, the sponsorship is displayed. The lengths of these ad runs vary, but 6 months is the standard setup.

Additionally, if you're business is interested in advertising across the entire MacAddict Network, (the ad frame at the bottom of our page) please contact Gene Burns of Imagine Media at XXX-XXX-XXXX, extension XXX. Imagine will be more than happy to work with your business to reach the kind of exposure you're looking for.

Advertising Rates

Advertising at the Iconfactory is handled on a "per impression" basis. All advertising is sold in blocks of 1,000 impressions, thereby allowing us to meet the cost needs of your budget. Billing is due net 10 days from receipt of invoice. Please contact us via email or the phone number below to obtain specific information on ad rates.

Contacting Us

Please contact us about advertising by sending e-mail to xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx or by calling us directly at XXX.XXX.XXXX. We'll mail or fax you a short pricing guide along with available dates and specifications for the ad itself.

Thank you for considering advertising with the web's #1 source for high quality icons and interface enhancements - The Iconfactory. Don't hesitate to call or write us if you have additional questions.

From the Foreman
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Hit Increases at the Factory
In the short span of one year, the number of visitors to the Iconfactory has doubled. Fresh content, strong site design and our continuing commitment to the Macintosh platform have all combined to make the Iconfactory a place that Mac users want to visit again and again.

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