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The Iconfactory was officially created in April of 1996 to be a one-stop spot for Macintosh users to download well designed, fun icons free of charge. During the past three years, the Iconfactory has risen to become one of the most popular Mac interface enhancement web sites on the Internet.

• Average of 4,000 unique visitors daily (and increasing)
• 120,000 hits per month (homepage & showroom)
• Over 2.5 Gigabytes of data transferred every week
• Served on
InfoBand with redundant T3 connections
• Member of the
MacAddict Network of affiliated sites
• Highest quality user experience & content available
• Featured
WIRED Magazine

The Iconfactory has been a partner in the MacAddict Network of web sites since its inception early 1997, and consistently draws thousands of Mac users looking for quality content as well as goods & services. In addition, we regularly send out press releases that are featured on such Mac news sites as MacCentral, MacNN & the Mac Resource Page.

Advertising Structure

Ads are displayed on the main Iconfactory homepage as well as the Iconfactory Showroom on a first come, first serve basis. Unlike other web sites, only a single ad per page will be displayed (other than the main bottom banner), so your advertisement will not have to "compete" with other ads on the same page. There will never be more than three ads being run at any one time at the entire Iconfactory.

If you're interested in placing an ad in the main frame at the bottom of the page, then we suggest you contact Camilla Colgrave (xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx) at the MacAddict Network of sites at 415-XXX-XXXX, extension XXX.

Advertising Specifications

Ads at the Iconfactory are displayed immediately below the navigation buttons down the right side of both the homepage and the Showroom. Ad blocks at the Iconfactory are 158x90 pixel GIF files with a single white pixel border running around the entire outer edge. We are currently accepting both static and animated ad blocks. Ad graphics at the Iconfactory should not exceed 20k in file size.

Contacting Us

Please contact us about advertising by sending e-mail to xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx or by calling us directly at 336-XXX-XXXX. We'll mail or fax you a short pricing guide along with available dates and specifications for the ad itself.

Thank you for considering advertising with the web's #1 source for high quality icons and interface enhancements - The Iconfactory. Don't hesitate to call or write us if you have additional questions.

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