Active Concepts Examples

Active Concepts - Funnel Web 2.0

An entire icon suite was developed for Active Concepts' log analysis tool, Funnel Web 2.0. Icons that were designed included the main application icon, support files and internal information indicators.

Adobe Examples

Adobe Systems, Inc. - ImageReady 1.0

The Iconfactory worked in conjunction with the human interface team at Adobe to come up with an original theme for Adobe's premiere image editor for the internet - ImageReady 1.0. multiple possible looks and feels were developed before finalizing on the style you see above.

Apple Examples

Apple Computer - AppleWorks 5.0, QuickTime SS, At Ease

The icon suite we created for AppleWorks was based on the original icons from ClarisWorks prior to Apple's purchase of the software. A total redesign of the software's icons was required to give the product its own unique appearance separate from that of Claris'. The set is fairly large and includes icons for many different files types.

Cartoon Network Examples

The Cartoon Network - Various Sets

An ongoing relationship with the Cartoon Network has allowed us to create some of our most fun and exciting "official" icons to date. The first sets we created for CN were based on "Cow & Chicken" and "Dexter's Laboratory". Since these initial projects, we've gone on to help create icons sets for "The Flintstones", "Space Ghost Coast to Coast", "Scooby Doo" and others. We continue to work with the Cartoon Network to create all new icons each month. Click here to see additional examples

DataViz Examples
DataViz, Inc. - Documents To Go, Maclink Plus 10.0

Documents To Go -
Designing icons with a limited number of colors is always challenging, so when it came to create our first icons for the Palm handheld organizer, we jumped at the opportunity. DataVIZ's Documents To Go represented a chance to design not only the two color screen-top Palm icons, but also the Mac & WIN desktop icons as well as internal button icons for the software itself. A complete icon suite spanning multiple platforms.

MacLink Plus -
Click here to see examples - A new way to represent a familiar design was part of the challenge of creating a new icon suite for Dataviz's MacLink Plus Mac to PC translation software. The client wanted to carry over certain visual principles from the original look and feel, while giving us room to improve on previous designs.

DragThing Examples
James Thomson's - DragThing 2.6

The Iconfactory worked with James to update and extend the established look and feel of his extremely popular desktop utility - DragThing. James wanted to take advantage of 32 bit icons in Mac OS 8.5 for DragThing, and what resulted were icons that embraced the smooth blends and subtle transparencies of the new OS.

Infowave Examples
Infowave Software - Stylescript 4.0

Since the function of the Stylescript Postscript software is to give users the ability to print smooth, clean type from ink jet printers, the Iconfactory created icons that displayed clean, crisp lines. The icons themselves leaned toward the "professional & corporate" end of the design spectrum in order to communicate the effectiveness of the software.

Iomega Examples
Iomega, Inc. - QuickSynch 1.0

The QuickSynch icons were required to adhere to the bold and familiar look Iomega had already established for their removable media tools, and yet it was possible to augment that style with 32-bit enhancements. The Windows-like folder element references the cross-platform nature of the software, but the smooth gradients are pure Mac OS 8.5! Each icon was "badged" with a tiny Iomega logo element, and an animated Control Strip
Module icon was also produced, carrying the branding deeper into the Finder itself.

Net Effect Example

Net Effect Systems - NEware™

Work for the PC based, NEware™ application included the creation of more than 35 individual interface icons at the restrictive size of 16x16 pixels. As difficult as this may sound, the task was made even more challenging because of the topics and concepts those icons had to represent. How does one say "Skill groups" or "View Session" in just a 16x16 pixel square? The result stands as an excellent example of how communicating ideas effectively can be accomplished despite working within such a restrictive "canvas".

Panic Examples

Panic, LLC - Transmit 1.2

Dave Brasgalla created the Icons for Transmit, a new Macintosh FTP application. The icons, like the program, were designed to convey a friendly and distinctly Macintosh look and feel. The program makes great use of the strength of the Mac UI (ease of use, drag & drop), and Dave has created icons that are as visually strong as the product's features.

Unmarked Examples

Unmarked Software - textSOAP™

TextSOAP is a great example of how icons can add to the style and personality of an application. Mark Muntz, the creator of textSOAP had a pretty good idea of what he was looking for in the design of the set - a Copland / 3D translation of the software's name. This direction allowed us to focus on the overall look of the bottle as well as the translation of the "engine" and "plug-in" components without having to design multiple look and feel concepts for the set.


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Atelier - Essential Disk Utilities
Darwin 3.26 - Fitbody 3.0
Digital Now - Digital Photo Factory
Global Mapping Systems - GPSy Pro
Polymorph Software - Prestissimo 1.5
Propellerhead Software - ReCycle
Rockin' Software - WIN Dates
Rootworks - Color Picker Pro 2.0
Tools & Toys Software - iClick, Web Rocket

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