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iControl logo
What Is iControl?
(click for new features in 1.1.1)

iControl is quite simply, the easiest, quickest and most friendly way to change every icon in your Mac's System Folder... plus the Trash Can! Want to change the way the default folder looks when you create a new one on the desktop? iControl makes customizing this very easy. Like certain Kaleidoscope schemes, but not the icons that come with them? iControl lets you overide a scheme's icons with your own. Change the icon of your apple menu without the fear of damaging your system resources!

Want to see just how quick and easy using iControl really is? Then click here to see the program in action.

In addition, your custom icon settings can be saved into "iPacks" that can be sent to friends that use iControl or posted on the Internet for general use. iPacks are also compatible with IconDropper and can be used as regular ID packs, to customize any icon on your Mac (not just those in your System Folder).

Quote from John Marstall

Written by Nick Beadman of Polymorph Software and The Iconfactory's own Craig Hockenberry, iControl puts the power of true interface customization in your hands. Customize one, many or all of the icons in the System folder. Set the appearance of server volume icons, generic documents, suitcases, extensions, clipping files, floppy disks, the trash can & more.

New/Updated Features in iControl 1.1.1

Exclusive new "ePack" system set from Dave B.
Import icons from KAL schemes, themes & more
Added AppleScript support for customizable control
Web menu for easy access to 3rd party iPacks
"Clear Icon" CCM for clearing custom icons
Wait cursor added for long operations
Bug fixes associated with the Apple Menu icon
Bug fixes for At Ease & OS 9 multi-users
Installer now completely "uninstalls" iControl as well
Improved stability for Kaleidoscope 2.2.3

Some Key Features of iControl

Customize the trash can's icon!
Comes with four cool system replacement sets
Works without modifications to your System files
Easily customize every icon in the System Folder
Save custom settings as special "iPacks" for later use
Supports drag and drop of icons into the interface
Compatible with 32-bit icons
Compatible with IconDropper
Compatible with Kaleidoscope

The Workshop
homepage of iControl

download station
System Requirements
• A PPC Macintosh computer
• Mac OS 8.5 or greater

Trouble Expanding? Go get the free
Stuffit Expander 5.5
from Aladdin

iControl 1.1.1 Installer (2.3 Mb)
via MacOSZone - Download!

via MacUpdate - Download!
via Iconfactory - Download!

Additional iPacks:

Yosemite Folders By Talos Tsui
Yosemite (all colors) - 628k

Yosemite (grape) - 184k
Yosemite (lime) - 180k
Yosemite (strawberry) - 152k
Yosemite (coal) - 136k

Perfect Yosemite 3 By John Marstall
PY3 (all colors) - 1.6Mb

PY3 (bondi) - 252k
PY3 (grape) - 253k
PY3 (lime) - 256k
PY3 (blueberry) - 253k
PY3 (strawberry) - 254k
PY3 (tangerine) - 254k
PY3 (graphite) - 253k
PY3 (wallstreet) - 214k

Web Sites That Support iControl - iFolders
Iconhood - Iconhood Folders
Interfacelift - Graphite Folders
Mendelini - Liquid System
Perfect Yosemite - PY3
RAILhead Design - BeanieOS & more - micro-system
SMDweb - Anya
UncommonPlace - Brute Force & more

Register iControl - Order
• iControl (single user) - $19

Registering removes the reminder window and gives full access to iControl's features plus a copy of the IconFactory newsletter to keep up on the latest developments. Support our efforts and register your software today!

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