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What Is IconBuilder?

IconBuilder is a filter for Adobe Photoshop™ that makes creating icons for the Macintosh a snap. IconBuilder combines the power and flexibility of Photoshop with the ease of use of IconDropper to make a powerful icon creation tool for beginner and advanced icon artists.

Quote from Arlo Rose

Written by veteran Photoshop filter author - Craig Hockenberry, IconBuilder is the best "real world" solution for creating 32 bit icons for the Mac OS. Thanks to the use of layers (and their transparent properties), Photoshop makes an ideal editor to create the blended shadows, smooth outlines and translucent areas of 8.5+ icons. IconBuilder has the ability to translate any kind of transparent effect done in Photoshop layers, quickly and easily into the world of 32 bit icons for Mac OS 8.5 and beyond.

Keep in mind that
IconBuilder itself is not an icon editor. You use Adobe Photoshop as your editor, in combination with IconBuilder as your assembly tool. Using this method, making icons has never been easier!

Why Use IconBuilder?

Creation of true 32 bit icon formats for OS 8.5
Supports transparent/translucent masking of icons
Quickbuild™ feature instantly creates all resources
Extract any icon into Photoshop for editing
View icons on a variety of desktop backgrounds
"BuilderTips" for novice and advanced users
The power of Photoshop with an icon editor
No need for additional tools

The Workshop
homepage of IconBuilder

order online

System Requirements
• A PPC Macintosh computer
• Adobe Photoshop™ 3.0 (PPC) or later
• Mac OS 8.5 or greater

• 24-bit color monitor
• Screen sizes greater than 640x480

IconBuilder for PPC only (v 1.0)
via Info-Mac (556 Kb) - Download

via AOL (556 Kb) - Download
via Mac OS Zone (556 Kb) - Download
via AMUG (556 Kb) - Download

IconBuilder FAQ (in PDF format)
via AOL (59 Kb) - Download

via IF (59 Kb) - Download

Register IconBuilder - Order
A single user IconBuilder registration costs $49. Registering removes the time delay function and gives full access to the filter plus a copy of the IconFactory newsletter to keep up on the latest developments. Support our efforts and register your software today!

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