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Read a great review of IconDropper this month at MacReview. The site gives IconDropper 4.5 floppies out of a possible 5. Check it out!

IconDropper 3.2.1 New Features:

• Fixed a bug that would crash the program when quitting
• Fixed a bug that caused icon names to become scrambled
• Other minor bug fixes

• IconExpander updated to handle expanding 32-bit icon packs

IconDropper 3.2 New Features:

• Full support for 32 bit (millions of colors) icons in Mac OS 8.5
• Create your own 32 bit icon packs in IconPacker 3.2
• The pack counter tells you if the pack contains 32 bit icons
• View icon packs in large, small, 256 or millions "View mode"
• The pack inspector now supports the Finder's label colors
• Space saving prefs. to set either 8.5, 8.1 or both icon formats
• Bring up the Preferences window with Command-E
• Bug fixes

IconDropper Animated GIF

Why Use IconDropper?
• Set custom icons on your Mac's desktop with a single click
• Avoid the tedious "find it, copy it & paste it" of setting icons
• Ensures backward compatiblity of custom icons in 8.5
• It organizes your icons in lists similar to the Finder
• It's fully integrated with the Finder using Contextual Menus
• Preferences to change the application's behavior
• Go directly to an icon author's web site with the "Web Button"
• It comes with a host of additional icon tools
(IconPacker, IconDragger, IconLocker and IconExpander)

Other Features:
• Full support for drag and drop of icons
• Saves disk space by putting your icons into packs
• A user interface that changes to match the icons
• Regular icon updates from the Iconfactory
• Free upgrade for registered users

Please go to the FAQ for more detailed information.

Cont. Menu Forget cutting and pasting! Changing the icons on your Mac's desktop has never been easier. Through the use of Mac OS 8 and IconDropper's contextual menus, custom icons are just a single click away.

Don't forget to Register On-line!!!!
When you register, you get full access to all 5 applications (IconDropper, IconPacker, IconLocker, IconDragger & IconExpander), access to packs prior to their public release, and a copy of the IconFactory newsletter to keep up on the latest developments. All this for only $20! What a bargain!

IconDropper 3.2

About IconDropper
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IconDropper is an exciting piece of shareware from Craig Hockenberry. IconDropper allows you to customize your Mac's icons on-the-fly through the use of Drag-n-Drop technology. Instead of having to copy and paste custom icons from tons of folders on your hard drive, IconDropper stores all icons in custom designed sets called "packs". A single click is required to update any folder's icon and see the results in real time.

We are dedicated to the seemingly nonexistent art of designing awesome freeware icons for your Mac.

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