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In order to avoid unnecessary downloads, please be sure to review IconBuilder's System Requirements prior to downloading the filter.

Download IconBuilder for PPC Only:
via Info-Mac (hqx) - 556 Kb
via America Online - 1 (hqx) - 556 Kb
via MacOS Zone (hqx) - 556 Kb
via AMUG (hqx) - 556 Kb

Download the IconBuilder FAQ in PDF format:
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via The Iconfactory - 2 (hqx) - 59 Kb

Please Register IconBuilder
Many hours of development went into IconBuilder to make it the best product of its kind available. If you use IconBuilder, please support our efforts and register the filter.

IconBuilder is available for the Macintosh for $49.00. When you register IconBuilder you'll eliminate the start-up delay function as well as be signed up to receive copies of the IconFactory newsletter to keep up on the latest developments. In addition, registered users will be able to upgrade to IconBuilder "Pro" (available in the second quarter of '99) for a minimal fee.


About IconBuilder
Product Features

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IconBuilder combines the power of the ultimate graphics editor - Adobe Photoshop, with the ease of use of IconDropper, making a powerful icon creation tool for both beginner and advanced users.

We are dedicated to the seemingly nonexistent art of designing awesome freeware icons for your Mac.

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