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What's new in the latest version of Ramp Champ?

Check out Ramp Champ's Version History page for a list of changes in the most recent version.

Does Ramp Champ work with the iPhone 2.1 firmware?

No, Ramp Champ requires devices that run at least the iPhone 3.0 OS.

What levels or "ramps" are included in the game?

When you purchase Ramp Champ, the game comes complete with 4 levels: Clown Town, Breakwater Bay, Space Swarm and Icon Garden.

Is Ramp Champ available for platforms other than the iPhone?

No, Ramp Champ is exclusive to Apple's iPhone and iPod touch. We currently have no plans to bring the game to other platforms.

Can I play Ramp Champ to my own music?

Yes, simply launch the iPod application and select your playlist before starting Ramp Champ. The app will then mute in-game music (but not sound effects) and allow you to listen to your own tracks while you play.

Can I redeem my tickets for actual prizes?

No, the tickets that you win in Ramp Champ can only be redeemed for virtual, in-game prizes.

I'd like to review the game. Can I get a promo code?

Contact us directly about obtaining review copies of Ramp Champ. Be advised that there are a limited number of promo codes available for us to distribute.


Ramp Champ is slow/crashing on my iPhone 3G or 2nd gen iPod touch with iOS 4. Why?

Unfortunately Apple changed the memory usage in the iOS 4 update which leaves less memory available for Ramp Champ. The result is that the game often crashes on launch or plays with severely reduced performance. We're looking into improving Ramp Champ on these older devices under iOS 4, but it may not be possible. Until such a time, we recommend playing Ramp Champ with iOS 3.1.3 on these devices.

Loading the game seems slow, what can I do?

Sometimes 3rd party applications can use up device memory and cause Ramp Champ to load slowly on launch. If this happens, simply quit the game and restart your device. This should speed up loading of the game the next time you play.

Rolling the ball has become very sensitive. Can this be fixed?

If this happens, simply quit the game and restart your device. Once memory has been reset, the controls for rolling the ball should return to normal.

I want to play Ramp Champ on a new device I've just purchased. Can I transfer my prizes, tickets, scores and trophies?

Yes. Plug in your device to iTunes and allow it to completely back up your game data. Once you activate your new iPhone or iPod touch, choose the "Restore from a backup" option and all of your Ramp Champ game data will be transferred to your new device. You can then play as you normally would.

My old device has died. Is there a way to restore my Ramp Champ game data?

If you've allowed iTunes to recently backup your device while syncing, then you'll be able to restore your prizes, tickets, scores and trophies to the time of backup. If you've not allowed iTunes to back up your device, then you will not be able to restore your Ramp Champ game data.

Why am I having trouble downloading add-on ramps?

Go to your Setting app and look under General for the Restrictions settings. Make sure the In-App Purchases setting there is turned ON.

How do I submit a bug report for Ramp Champ?

Visit the Iconfactory's Contact page to submit bug reports for Ramp Champ.


Any ball rolling tips you can offer?

Remember that the power of your roll depends mainly on the speed of your flick. Flick gently to hit close targets and quicker to hit targets near the top of the ramp. Try hitting tricky targets by flicking diagonally across the ramp instead of straight ahead.

I'm having trouble achieving lane goals. What can I do?

Not all goals can be completed right away, some are intentionally difficult. If a goal gives you a problem, leave it temporarily and attempt it later when you have more experience. Also, some goals require hitting multiple targets with a single roll. The multi-hit roll is difficult to master, but an important part of winning in Ramp Champ.

One of the goals says to hit a certain target but I don't see that target. What gives?

Some targets in Ramp Champ are only activated once other targets have been hit. It's up to you to find out how to progress through the various types of challenges that goals present. Try to explore each ramp to discover what secrets lie within for success with goals.