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Download IconDropper 3.2.1 for PPC Only:

via Info-Mac (hqx) - 1689 Kb

Download IconDropper 3.2.1 for PPC & 68k:

via Info-Mac (hqx) - 2338 Kb

Also Available for Download:

Blank Packs for IconPacker (hqx) - 45Kb

Want some generic packs to load up your favorite icons with? These four blank IF packs will get you started as well as give you some ideas for making packs of your own.

IconExpander (hqx) -216Kb

Want to be able to use the icon packs at the factory, but don't want to use IconDropper? If that's the case, then you'll want to download the IconExpander utility. IconExpander lets you expand icon packs out to normal sets via drag & drop.

IconLocker 3.2 (hqx) - 172Kb

If you're an icon artist who uses IconPacker to create your own custom icon packs, then you'll want to download IconLocker. This is ideal if you'll be distributing your packs on the internet and want to protect your work from being changed or edited.

IconDropper 3.2

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