here in the showroom you can find the iconfactory's latest creations as well as previews of future icon sets. the most recent icon sets are at the top.

it seems like everywhere you go on the web today, you see those nifty little powerbadges. not to be outdone in the marketing department, the foreman came up with one for the iconfactory. if you think the factory is cool enough to have a permanent link on your web page, then just grab this neato animated GIF and plunk it where ever you gosh darn feel like it!

21 macintosh CPU icons - (46Kb)
download | go to corey's homepage

19 charlie brown christmas icons - (136Kb)
download | go to ged's homepage

far side: vol. 2
available 11.22.96 | go to ged's homepage

star trek objects
download | go to corey's homepage

52 toy factory icons - (166Kb)
download | go to talos' homepage

40 world of copland icons - (106 Kb)
download | go to gedeon's / corey's homepage

superman: the animated series icons
available spring 1997 | go to gedeon's homepage

more icons coming soon!

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