the Iconfactory gets lots of mail everyday, and the workers thought it would be nice to see what's being said about them. both good and bad comments are welcome, and if the foreman likes your letter enough, he'll post it here. letters are listed in chronological order - most recent first. any questions, comments, or requests should be sent to

“From now on wonderful Star Wars icons will always be
filling my desktop. I'm looking forward to see the complete "Swicon 2"
collection. Please mail me when I'm able to download it! Thank's again
- and may the force be with you!” Anders Kihl - xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx

The force is getting stronger and volume 2 may soon
see the light of day. - tt

“A simple matter of fact....Apple should have you build their icons
for all future mac products. Your icons for Mac don't suck, Apple's
icons suck.” Donald Kasprzak - xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx

Yet another vote for us to work for Apple... I think
I'm sensing a trend. - gm

“This is the coolest non-sucking site on the WWW. Hell, it is simply
the coolest site on the WWW anywhere! I used to hate Macs! Your artwork
makes Macs not suck! Your artwork is fantastic! The only thing that you guys
should even change (spank me for the use of that word!) is to have collections
related to entirely new interfaces! Some futuristic, some fantasy, some gothic,
etc... Some of us may prefer Windoz, but Windoz icons SUCK! You guys
are awesome!” Mark Lyon - xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx

We sure are glad we played a small part in helping you realize that
Macs don't suck... something we've always known. Your suggestion
about icons for interface design is a good one. The World Of Copland
icons are being used by a bunch of people in www and CD-ROM
interface designs. - gm

“I am an old codger of 62 just getting into this computer stuff.
Old dogs can learn but we use up a lot of time getting it done and are
a might crotchety when we don't get it the first time. I find this icon
thing called FAR SIDE Collection. It was small and easy and "made my day"
all of my folders now sport Gary Larsons' characters. My hard disk is
a purple cow and my working desk file is a mean green fish labeled "eat me".
I must say that this is truly the first time I have really enjoyed this
new hobby. I laughed till I cried and every time I turn on the set I
start out with a grin.” Perry Hubbard - xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx

I live to get e-mails like this one. Perry, your note
made my week and I wanted to say thanks. Since none of us here at the
Iconfactory request money for the icon sets we create, all we ask
is a few kind words every now and then. Man, you spoke volumes! - gm

“First of all, excellent icons all around. However, I noticed something
in the Nintendo icons: four of them are labelled "flying hat," "coins/life,"
"transparent," and "liquidmetal." However, these icons show up as four
different-colored '!' blocks! Are the names incorrect, or are some icons
missing?” Andy Bates - xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx

In Mario 64, the boxes are identical, but different colors....
their function is if mario hits the box then a hat will drop out. If mario catches it,
he will have those amazing abilities!!!! Sorry about he confusion, only Nintendo64
user would get the idea! - tt

“This is the Best page I have stumbled across in a LONG time. You guys
rock, just plain rule the world. Loved it. Please keep making more icons, yours
are better than Mac's. I mean, Apple should hire you guys and give you a big salary
to make those icons.” Stephen Rupp - xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx

The factory workers can't imagine actually geting
paid to create icons (right now they work for digital peanuts).Maybe someone
over at the fruit company will read this letter, re-locate the whole darned plant
and give everyone a six figure salary... at least we can dream! - gm

“Honestly speaking, your Batman Icon set is the best set of icons I have
*ever* seen. No joke. And this is coming from a guy who has not only
created a few sets in his time, but downloaded enough to fill an entire
CD! So a big "Thanks!" is in order for allowing me to download your set.”
Mike McGee - xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx

Thanks Mike! The Dark Knight was standing over my shoulder
when I made his icon, so I HAD to get it right or I'da got
a Bat-a-rang up my butt! - gm

“I just downloaded some of the icons you created last night. They're
useless and non-sensical, they don't make your Mac any more productive,
and now I can't live without 'em! Thank you *SO* much for putting in the
time to do these things.” Edward Liu - xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx

Watch out for even more non-sensical and useless stuff from
us in the future! - gm

“I have a favor to ask. My Mac is named MacDuck (as in Scrooge...)
Could you find some time to add a Scrooge McDuck icon to your series?”
Bill Salter - xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx

Individual requests for one or two icons are tough Bill.
Besides there are already icon sets out there that contain Scrooge
McDuck. You just gotta look for them. - gm

“I attend college at North Park College on the north side of Chicago.
Your icons are beginning to show up all over the campus computer system.
I, personally, am astounded by the quality of your icons. We are all hungry
for more, so keep up the good work.” Randall A Roach - xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx

The factory workers are pleased as punch that the college
scene is enjoying their work. You can let them know they'll be getting
more helpings of icons soon! - gm

Glad you like the Star Wars Icons, may the force be with you! - tt

“I just downloaded both the Copland sets, and the Star Wars
and Star Trek icons. They are the best looking icons I have ever seen.
Thanks for the great icons.” Quentin - xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx

We live for letters like yours Quentin. It's like a warm fuzzy
feeling all over, kinda makes me want to make more icons! - cm

“Damn good. Damn good.” Charlie - xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx

thanks for the damn nice comment! - cm

“I've been to Shareware.Com to get stuff for about 5 months now,
and I downloaded a LOT of icons collections, but never, ever, I kept them,
cuz they all sucked... but then I got yours, and I'm still hysteric, damn
they are so nice, and so well done, they are just hilarious, just as they're
supposed to be, you have done a great job here.” Dale - xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx

Thats what we call the "sicon" factor. Whenever you go looking for icons
on the web or on an on-line service there is a ratio of "sucky icon" sets
versus well designed icon sets. In order to get a few good icons, you
generally need to download a ratio of something like 10-15 sucky (sicon)
icon sets to get one good one. The Iconfactory has tried to reduce the
sicon factor to zero percent... glad to see we're succeeding. - gm

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