The Best Flashlight

Safety Light is not just the best flashlight for your iPhone, it could save your life! One tap on the rescue icon and your phone immediately becomes a beacon that can aid rescue parties.

"If you’re going to make an iPhone flashlight app, you might as well make it the best one." John Gruber, Daring Fireball

"Audacious design and development … adds function to the flash." Rene Ritchie, The iPhone Blog

"It takes the concept of the iPhone flashlight to a whole new level." Jay Hathaway, Download Squad

"Spend a dollar and get the best one you can." Rémy Numa, MacTalk

"The most useful flashlight app available." Michael Johnston , iPhone Alley


  • A high-visibility flasher
  • Lighting with designer colors
  • Effects including a disco mode
  • SOS signal for emergency rescue
  • Single-tap to dim display
  • Lockable screen
  • Elegant hi-tech design

Whether protecting you while exercising at night or just making sure you don't trip over something in the bedroom, Safety Light does it all. Combined with leading edge design from the Iconfactory, this full-featured flashlight is an app you shouldn't be without. Download your copy from the iPhone App Store today!

Only $2.99 Available on the iPhone App Store