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Spin your way to dining bliss

$.99 App Store Special - Dine-O-Matic is $.99 on the App Store for a limited time.

  • One Less Decision - Having trouble choosing a place to eat? Not to worry! Dine-O-Matic picks from your favorite restaurants.
  • Only Your Favorites - This isn’t about what the rest of the city thinks is good, it’s you that matters here! Search and add nearby eateries with just a few taps.
  • Stick to a Budget - Use the handy cost selector to narrow picks to restaurants that fit what’s in your wallet today.
  • From Here to There - Maps integration makes it easy to find your way.
  • At Your Fingertips - From phone numbers to addresses to price ratings, Dine-O-Matic helps keep track of your favorite restaurants’ information.
  • Retro Fun - Neon graphics, cool sound effects and a spinner make it easy to hand over your dining decisions to Dine-O-Matic.