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"Organic Edges is extraordinary ... makes five or six of Photoshop's bundled filters obsolete." – Deke McClelland, Macworld

"A web designer's dream come true!" – Mark A. Collins

"I recommend that you download the Webmaster Series plug-ins." – Todd Fahrner, Metrius

Color Management & Effects
for Web & Print

        Download: Work that modem! Download Furbo Filters, plus free Chrome Actions pack, free desktop patterns, printable docs, and whatnot.
        Filters: Learn how Furbo Filters generate special effects, automate design tasks, and help you churn out cross-platform, highly transportable web graphics.
        News: The latest.
        Contact: Problems? Tell us.
        Reviews: They love us. They really, really love us.
        Tips: The Way of the Furbo Master. Includes Photoshop 5 tips on color management (making your Mac think it's a PC), squeezing extra views out of Adobe ImageReady, and the ever-popular seamless background pattern question.

  Vanya White
3.5 Stars, Macworld

Furbo Filters shine in Photoshop 3, 4, and 5. Mac versions are available now; Windows coming soon. Ask Craig and he'll email you the moment Windows versions are good to go.

"Just want to express my joy over the Webmaster series. The Browser Preview is an indispensable tool for me nowadays." – Pelle Piano, Web Designer

 Furbo Filters, Photoshop magic

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